What is Waxing?

Waxing is the temporary removal of unwanted hair with carrot and all. During waxing, your hair stays on average 3 to 4 weeks longer depending on the hair type. You are thus releasing weeks from unwanted hair. All Skins beauty institute remove the hair quickly and professionally. Let yourself be convinced by the fast efficient method of All Skins beauty institute!

The benefits:

  • Hair and root are removed which prevents stubble and irritated skin area.
  • Her stays on average 3 to 4 weeks
  • During waxing, the dead skin cells are removed, resulting in a deliciously soft and smooth skin.
  • No double dipping during brazilian and bikini waxes, which means that the spatula with which the wax is applied is never baptized twice in the wax.

We also always work with gloves and ensure that everything that comes into contact with your body is clean. Curious about the do's and don'ts? Read them here .

Type of resin

By offering both stripwax and filmwax we hope to meet everyone in his or her wishes. Film wax is removed without strips and, in contrast to strip wax, film resin adheres to the hair and not to the skin. Therefore, we need the film resin for the most sensitive body parts such as the pubic area, armpit and face. As soon as the film resin is sufficiently hard, the washing strip is removed with a pulling motion.



  • Use prescription products to prevent skin irritations and improve waxing results. Regular use of the products ensures soft and smooth skin and helps prevent ingrowning hair.
  • Wax regularly for optimum results. Depending on your hair growth, come back 3 to 4 weeks after your previous appointment, your hair must be at least longer than half a centimeter. Save yourself unnecessarily much pain by repeating the treatment in a timely manner.
  • We appreciate good hygiene, we will give you an opportunity to refresh yourself with hygienic wipes on arrival at All Skins beauty institute if you have not had time for it. It is also possible to use a tampon during waxing.
  • Scrub the skin from 3 days after treatment at least 2-3 times a week to keep the skin soft and smooth and prevent ingrowing hair.
  • Waxes is the ultimate method of hair removal for most people, but in some cases we would like to be the highest. This then relates to the use of Retin A, Renova, Differin, Isotretioin, Raccutane, Antibiotics and Diabetis.


  • Do not use the tanning bed or sauna 24 hours before and after the treatment and do not shower too hot.
  • We recommend not shaving between the waxing by preventing the hair from getting stiff and difficult to remove.
  • Do not touch the wax surface without washing your hands. The hair follicles are easily accessible to bacteria.



Pricelist wax treatments

Upper lip
Eyebrows shaping
Update eyebrows
Bikini line
Upper leg
Lower leg
Upper arms
Ingrown hairs

Attractive offer for all fans, addicts and regulars:

3 x Brazillian resins, normally € 83.70 now for € 60.00 so book now!

€   7,50
€   8,50
€ 10,00
€ 14,50
€ 11,50
€ 22,50
€   8,50
€ 15,00
€ 23,00
€ 22,00
€ 12,00
€ 15,00
€ 15,00
€ 22,00
€ 22,00
€ 25,00
€ 27,00

Combination discount resins

2 random parts:
3 random parts:
From 4 random parts

10% korting
15% korting
20% korting

Film resin bikini line
Film resin upper lip
Film brass brazilian wax
Film Resin string line
Film resin chin
Film Resin cheek
Film resin armpit


€ 22,50
€ 13,50
€ 30,00
€ 9,50
€ 16,00
€ 17,00
€ 16,00



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