Tele-Gone treatment

Tele-Gone treatment

The TELE-GONE system offers a solution to various skin disturbances such as rosacea, blood bubbles, warts, stem warts and pigment spots. These innocent skin irregularities usually occur later in life around the neck, under the armpits and breasts. In these places the skin develops a lot of friction. However, these irregularities can sometimes be disruptive and/or disturbing.

Electro coagulation ideal treatment method against skin imperfections

With electrocoagulation, skin imperfections can be removed quickly, easily and almost painlessly. In the less-favoured areas, heat is generated by means of a fine needle. This gives an electric current so that the majesty is loosened and will shrink afterwards. There is a very small crust that falls off after a few days.  This treatment has no risks or side effects and you will see immediate results.

After the treatment, the skin may feel a little red and warm. This means that the first 48 hours after the treatment you must be careful with sunlight, a sunbed, sauna, hot showers and sports (everything that has to do with heat). After the treatment you should protect your skin well with a high factor sunburn for 4 weeks after the treatment. (spf)

Tele-gone treatment per quarter € 25,-
Tele-gone treatment apply during a facial € 12,50 per quarter hour

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