The dark skin


At All Skins beauty institute you will not get a "standard treatment" because we are aware of the fact that each skin type requires another carefully approach with the right products.

The dark skin needs a different approach than the white skin because:

• The dark skin has large melanosomes and more melanin than the white skin.

• The dark skin has larger and more sebaceous glands than the white skin. As a result, the dark skin is generally fatter than the white skin.

• In the dark skin there are more superficial blood vessels than in the white skin. As a result, reactions can occur earlier.

• The dark skin has much less elastin fiber than the white skin, which causes the darker skin to lose its elasticity less quickly and thus shows less wrinkles.

The dark skin functions much better in a tropical climate and therefore has a lot to endure in our current climate, resulting in the appearance of various skin problems. The toned to dark skin requires extra attention and care in our climate. Common skin problems of the dark skin are pigmentation spots, flaky skin, inflammation, extremely dry and moist skin, vitamin D deficiency and increased risk of scarring.

All Skins beauty institutes is aware  of the fact that the dark and toned skin needs other special products than the white skin. All of these products are used by us during treatments and are also available for home use for the care of your skin. You are welcome for free and free skin analysis.

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