"With ELOS, the skin becomes beautifully even and you are redissued from discoloration"

Cosmetique Total offers skin rejuvenation treatments with advanced ELOS technology, ELOS is the most popular skin rejuvenation treatment in the United States and has recently been acquired in the Netherlands. At Cosmetique Total with 85 treatment points throughout the Netherlands you can now also get this advanced treatment. Cosmetique Total only works with HBO skilled skin therapists. Therefore, treatments in the face are also compensated by most health insurance companies.

ELOS is the first and only method that combines different energies to make it look younger and more effective. This treatment method can be called the next generation of skin rejuvenation technology due to safety and effectiveness. The great distinction with other methods is not only the amazing result, but also that the treatment for all skin types is suitable even for the dark skin.

The combined bi polar radio and light energy of ELOS technology can address very precise and safe pigmented areas, such as freckles, sun damage and age spots. In addition, the treatment method can be used to make redness of the skin (couperose) and spider veins lighter and eventually disappear.

You can also go to Cosmetique Total for permanent hair removal, skin tightening and the treatment of acne scars.

We would like to invite you for a free and non-binding intake to show what ELOS can do for you.

What kind of result can you expect?

Gradual and cumulative skin improvement will be achieved after 3-5 treatments. The total number of treatments depends on the condition of the skin. Patients can make an appointment free of charge and free to draw up a treatment schedule. Also, a free trial will be done during the free consultation so that the patient can experience how the treatment feels.



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