Do you also dream of beautiful caring hands and feet? Often a small amount of help can lead to great satisfaction, a pair of beautifully groomed hands and feet with beautifully painted nails, after all, it is the first thing that people will see. Finally, beautifully groomed feet are not only beautiful in the summer but also in winter. You will experience that a hand and foot treatment gives relief and relaxation for the whole body. Moreover, with our treatment, medical pedicure can professionally treat problems such as lilacs, duckling, glands, limbs, glands, mold nails, ingrown nails and broken or stabbed nails.

At All Skins beauty institute you can expand your manicure and pedicure with massage, french lacquering, spa treatment, paraffin gasket and gel color. In addition, there is also a combination of treatment of manicure and pedicure. If you suffer from fungal gels, we can only paint your nails if you add 1 color, but of course you can also buy a perfect color, which we then apply.

All Skins beauty institutes are happy to advise you to meet your needs. We offer the following pedicure and manicure treatments:

Basis treatment pedicure and manicure
Gel color
Spa treatment
Paraffin packing
French Manicure
Combi Touch up

Basic manicure € 28,95

Basic pedicure

1st time € 35,00
Within 4 weeks € 32,20
Within 6 weeks € 34,20

Medical pedicure

1st time € 37,00
Within 4 weeks € 33,75
Within 6 weeks € 35,00

3 x (medical) pedicure treatments, normally € 101,25 now for € 80,00

Combination treatment

Combi Touch up (pens and lacquers of hand and toenails) € 28,95
Combi basic manicure and base pedicure € 48,95
Combi Spa (medical) pedicure and manicure € 68,50
(Basic manicure, basic pedicure, scrub and mask)

Gel Color

Do you also want to have beautiful nails and nail polish for a longer period of time? Then take the Gel Color ... as a gel feels and look like nail polish.

The biggest advantage of gel is that the color stays perfectly shiny for 2 to 3 weeks, the natural nail is not loaded and provides the hardness and protection of gel. Gel color is also very suitable for imperfections in the natural nail.

Gel Color is of course not only for fingernails but can also be applied to the toes.

Tip: Gelcolor is overlapable with ordinary nail polish, each gelcolor is also a regular ... nail polish available, which allows you to easily update any outgrowth. But of course, you can also coat the Gelcolor with a different color that you can leave professional again by All Skins beauty institute.

Apply Gelcolor                                   € 21.50
Remove Gelcolor                              € 16.50
Gelcolor fresh-up per finger         € 3,25

Spa treatment

A luxurious addition to the manicure and pedicure treatment. During this treatment, your feet and hands will complement a delicious scrub treatment with a mask that will make the skin feel soft, a true complete heavenly supplement for hands and feet.

€ 19.95

French manicure

French manicure the way lacquers get the nails a gorgeous natural look. The nail edges become pearl white while the rest of the nail is built with a natural or pink colored gel. French manicure is best suited to camouflage the difference between shorter and longer nails.


€ 13.50

Paraffin packing


The paraffin gasket is a wonderful addition to a manicure and pedicure treatment, giving the hands and feet a relaxing and relaxing treatment. The treatment is very suitable for dry hands and feet. After treatment, the hands and feet are hydrated, fed and in addition, they feel softly.


€ 18.50




The delicious ending on a manicure and pedicure treatment. Your hands and feet are being used intensively every day, so your hands and feet definitely deserve extra pampering. Therefore, this lovely hands and feet massage.


€ 15,00


Combi Touch up


The nails of your hands and feet are modeled / adorned with this treatment and then beautifully painted (not with gelcolor or french).


€ 28.95


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