The massages take place in a warm and atmospheric space and are given with all the rest and attention. In space, relaxing music sounds if you wish and the smell of massage oils give an extra dimension to the massage so you can relax your eyesight. The massage is fully tailored to your wishes and physical condition.

All Skins beauty institute offers a range of professional massage in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
If you are looking for ultimate relaxation then do not hesitate and relax. We handle the following rates, regardless of which massage you choose.

20 minutes € 20.00
30 minutes € 30.00
45 minutes € 45.00
60 minutes € 60.00
75 minutes € 75.00
90 minutes € 90.00

You can visit us for the following massages:

Hotstone massage
Lomi-lomi massage
Destress hoofdmassage
Relaxation massage

Hotstone massage

During the treatment, hot (basalt stones) stones are laid on the body. These are formed from the hot lava of volcanoes and have a beautiful round shape because they have been in river beds for centuries. The beneficial heat works directly on the nerves, causing energy to flow throughout the body. During the treatment a number of stones are removed and that part of the body is rubbed with oil and massaged with the hot stones until the whole body is treated.

Hot Stone massage helps relieve tension, brings peace, balance and safety experiences and helps to get back on both legs.

The stones are formed by nature and come from clean and energy-rich areas. According to an ancient Indian saying, they are formed by the four elements earth, water, fire and sky. The stone works detoxify, stimulate the organs, give new energy and balance the body.

Herbal stamps

The herbal stamp massage is a massage with warm to hot herbal bundles filled with cleansing, activating and relaxing herbs. The heat of a herbal stamp massage activates blood flow. Your body is turned on to function better and at rest.

Herbal massage is a massage to free you from stress and daily stress. A signpost for inner balance and relaxation. The herbal stamp massage also has a healthy effect on muscles and joints. It brings relief in the form of rheumatism, gout and muscle aches. The massage with herbal stamps is combined with relaxation massage. Half a skin cleansing treatment, this is also a very relaxing massage, thanks to the added heat of the stamps and the delicious scents that spread the spices.

Lomi-lomi massage

Lomi Lomi is a massage technique that originates from Hawaii and is passed from generation to generation. Lomi Lomi reflects the rhythms and movements of Hawaiian nature: the rippling water of creeks, sparkling waterfalls, powerful ocean waves. The body becomes calm and comes back in its own harmonic, natural rhythm. Tightened stresses are released and health is being stimulated. After the massage, one feels like reborn.

During this massage, much attention is also paid to the waste in the body leading to the lymph nodes, where they are then removed from the body. This is a thorough and deeply relaxing massage that can have an effect on both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The Lomi Lomi Massage is great to give, beautiful to see and delicious to undergo.

Endomysium massage

Tissue massage is applied to the connective tissue layer of the body, this is the layer that is between the muscles and the skin. Tissue massage is a reflex zonal massage, which assumes that there are areas on the body that are in contact with all glands, organs and other body parts. By stimulating these zones, the organ is also stimulated and blockades will disappear.

Such a stimulus is given by means of different massage techniques with the hands. These techniques can range from light touches (superficial strokes) to rolling the skin. Through this massage grip, the skin and connective tissue are stimulated. This increases the blood flow of the skin and improves the condition of the connective tissue. In this way, so-called 'adhesions' can be reduced.

The nerve endings in the skin and the connective tissue also stimulate the massage. The effect of this stimulus is not limited to the skin but works on other parts of the body. All internal organs and other parts of the body have a projection area on the connective tissue just below the skin. When this zone is treated with connective tissue massage, the complaints in that organ may decrease.

For example, the nerve that drives the stomach is halfway between the spinal cord. When someone has a stomach ache, it is at this place, halfway through the back. Here, an increased tension is felt and the skin can be shifted less well, it's not "loose". As connective tissue massage does not always feel pleasant, it is nice to have a relaxation massage afterwards.

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is a massage that restores body and mind. A regular relaxation massage can have a preventative effect on overall health, both physically and mentally.

But even if you're fine in your skin, a massage can be very enjoyable. In short, massage is suitable for anyone who wants to take care of themselves.


Destress head massage

The destress head massage is a low-threshold and highly effective massage. The destress head massage is a massage that is performed while sitting upright on a chair. In a 20-minute period, the back, shoulders and head are treated professionally. This makes use of combination techniques.

Cupping massage

The cupping massage is a modernized and simplified version of the old traditional Chinese cupping therapy. We can make this massage cosmetically and therapeutically. This massage is done using medical silicone vacuum cups, by squeezing in the middle of the cup and placing on the skin, a vacuum occurs in the cup when slowly released. This eliminates excess moisture and waste, it releases adhesives, lifts the connective tissue and brings blood to stagnant muscles and skin. It is a versatile method that we easily adapt to treat relaxation and complaint related. It gives your body energy and a beneficial inner peace.

 Triggerpoint Massage

Trigger points are small cramps in part of the muscle fiber, causing tension on the muscle. The function of surrounding nerves and joints is thereby affected. Triggerponts are the major causes of pain.

The special of trigger points is that they often distract the pain to other parts of the body. The cause of pain is thus something different from the place where it hurts.

Trigger points can occur in all muscles of the body. Each trigger point has a unique emission range. The trigger points and their derived pine areas are well mapped, which enables us to treat them professionally.

How does a trigger point develop? They can be caused by stress, wrong attitude, nutrition, overload and physical injury. The treatment of the trigger point concerned reduces the complaints or may even disappear as a whole.

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