Skin therapy

My name is Hetty Notebomer I work at various locations as a skin therapist at Cosmetique Totale.  I also work at All Skin's beauty institute in Amsterdam. Here I take care of the specialized laser treatments. At this location you can contact me for, among other things:

- Hair removal

- Derma papulosa

- Skin rejuvenation

- Skin tightening

- Scar treatment

- Wrinkle treatment

- Couperose

- Mold nails

- Acne

I am qualified and specialized in the Elos and eMatrix laser techniques. In addition, I am registered with the NVH (Dutch Association of Skin Therapists) and in the quality register so that you can insure treatments with your health insurer if you are insured. "

I like to meet you so that we can work together on your skin (wish / problem). For a price indication for skin therapy, click here.


The eMatrix technology is the latest laser treatment for face and neck from America. Perfect for skin rejuvenation / enhancement, but also the weapon against acne scars.

What does the eMatrix do?
With fractional radiofrequency energy (RF), new skin cells are created in the deeper skin layer, which have a higher tension than previously. These new skin cells cause a lifting effect. In addition, the eMatrix leaves additional heat in the deeper layers of skin, which produces collagen and elastin at an accelerated rate. This will not only strengthen your skin but also smoother. The treatment thus also provides an ideal solution for acne scars.

Due to the fact that no laser or light energy is used, the treatment with eMatrix is ​​extremely safe and suitable for all skin types. Also, the treatment is performed exclusively by a HBO-qualified and quality-registered skin therapist of Cosmetique Total, so you are always guaranteed professionalism.

Who is the eMatrix treatment for?
The eMatrix is ​​suitable for various skin complaints. Wrinkles, crows, acne scars, coarse pores, pigmentation spots, skin aging, vale complexion, scars, age spots, smokers skin and sun damage are past times after this unique treatment. The eMatrix is ​​safe for all skin types, from a white skin to a negative skin.


ELOS laser technology

The Elos system of Cosmetique Total also helps you to remove annoying skin complaints. For example, over hair / unwanted hair growth, pigmentation and couperosis have been with Elos.

The Elos system is a unique treatment method compared to previous lasers and IpL treatments, because Elos uses two energy sources, namely light energy and radiofrequency energy (RF). This makes it possible to treat not only black hair but also blonde, gray, red or brown. The hair follicles in the skin are destroyed by the energy so that no new hair can grow anymore. This treatment method also makes it possible to treat any skin type, from a white to a negative skin color. The only thing you feel during the treatment are small sticks. After treatment, you can simply continue your daily activities without seeing anything. As with the treatment of couperose or pigmentation.

If you would like more information about one of our treatments, please make an appointment for a free and non-existent intake interview with the All Skins beauty institute in Amsterdam.


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