Hair removal

Overgrowth is a serious skin condition in which some people may experience physical and psychological stress. Overheating can occur in young and old and can arise due to several factors. Fortunately, there is a permanent solution to this by means of permanent hair removal.

Final hair removal is possible in different ways. The most advanced technology uses IPL light or a diode laser combined with radio frequency, also known as the Elos method. The advantage of this is that not only all skin colors can be treated safely, but also all hair colors. Also for serious red, gray or light-colored over hair is now a definitive solution.

Women have been using this method for years, never to suffer from annoying overheads and shave irritations. Recently the men are catching up. They also now experience the advantage of a smooth skin without shaving. "The new revolutionary technology of ELOS eliminates unwanted hair growth, quickly, easily and painlessly and no longer returns."

Annoying hair growth now belongs to the past! Incorporated hair and cut wounds are part of ELOS's history. Save time and money and trust your smooth, sexy and hairless skin! At Cosmetique Total (member NVH) with 80 locations throughout the Netherlands, you can permanently remove any body part permanently. Our HBO skin therapists work with advanced ELOS technology. This technology is safer and more effective than traditional laser or IPL techniques. Unlike other methods, ELOS is suitable for any skin type and hair color. So also for blonde gray and fluffy hair. Because we work with the latest equipment and the best-qualified skin therapists we have a good name with many health insurers. Many treatments in the face will therefore be reimbursed. Also for Cosmetique Total, for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and the treatment of acne scars.

We would like to invite you for a free and non-binding intake to show what ELOS can do for you.

Compensation health insurance
What many people do not know is that permanent hair removal is reimbursed by their health insurer. Are you additional insured? Then your health insurer will compensate for the hair removal treatments in the face. Worrying at your own risk, you do not have to be. Laser hair removal is not at the expense of your own risk.

To compensate for permanent hair removal, it is important that the treatments are performed by a HBO-qualified and quality-registered skin therapist that is directly accessible, as with the skin therapists of Cosmetique Total who performs laser treatments. Therefore, we do not need a referral letter from your doctor or dermatologist and you can immediately contact us for a free consultation or treatment.

It is also useful to start with the hair removal short term in order to make the most of your annual allowance. Also, you will be released for the next summer of your unwanted hair growth.

Would you like more information about permanent hair removal and health insurance? Then make an appointment for a free and free-of-charge information conversation with Cosmetique Total skin therapists at our salon at 020-7529572 or by email .


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