Lost of vats, redness and couperose!

Couperose is a red discoloration of the skin. There are vials or spiders visible, red spots and sometimes pimples (rosacea). When exercising or warm weather, the skin will become even more ruddy. Couperose is not always easy to camouflage with makeup. There are several possibilities to treat couperosis.

With laser treatment, couperosis is effectively reduced for a prolonged period of time. Elo's treatment is such a laser treatment and consists of IPL light combined with radio frequency, which reduces redness and disturbing cysts with each flash. It is also possible to tackle deep blood vessels on the legs. With one to a few treatments, redness and vasculature can already reduce to 70%. Camouflage products and consealers belong to the past! An Elos couporosis treatment is already from 45 euros.

Benefits of Elos Couperosis Treatment:

- Overall skin improvement from 50% to even 75%
- Reduces visible and invisible skin damage
- Reduces redness and small veins
- Reduces pores
- Reduces pigment stains
- Rejuvenates the skin
- Effective for face, neck, decolleté and hands

The FotoFacial is the unique Elos facial treatment that will not only deal with redness and disturbing vesicles in the whole face, but will also reduce pigment patches and refine coarse pores. The Elos FotoFacial is now only 125 euros per treatment!

Elos treatment should be performed by experienced and specialized skin therapists who are registered in the quality register and are members of the NVH. Inquire about the possibilities or make an appointment for a free and free consultation and call 020-7529572 .


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