Acne treatment

Medical breakthrough for removing acne scars? The annoying of acne is that in some cases the acne scars remain clearly visible.

New in the fight against acne scars is the:

eMatrix treatment of Cosmetique Total

The eMatrix works differently from existing lasers. The eMatrix ensures that a new baby skin is made deep into the skin and on the other hand, the production of collagen is stimulated. This results in a young, smooth and elastic skin. BIG registered medical specialists work with this new method. In addition to strict American FDA approvals, this treatment is also recognized in the Netherlands. The treatments are therefore also reimbursed by health insurers. No acne scar is the same, therefore a registered medical specialist will first assess your acne scars. At All Skins beauty institute a specialist present, make a non-binding appointment.

Then you will immediately know how many treatments you need and what the possible costs are.


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